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State of Colorado License Update

The State of Colorado License update is approved by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Electrical Board.

The online interactive course for the State of Colorado varies based on the number of National Electrical Code changes each cycle (every 3 years). The 2023 version of the National Electrical Code, as determined by our experts, has 238 changes covered.

Due to the unique course design of Volt Academy, our videos track the hours required by the State. The videos are broken down into four parts: the new 2023 National Electrical Code text, the Code Making Panel first and second substantiation (where needed), and correlated with explanation of the National Electrical Code with illustration. All videos have voiceover, just sit back and listen or interact with the illustrations clickable National Electrical Code, NFPA Standards, and OSHA Standards, with nothing more than a simple click.


Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

How Many Hours of Training are Required

Complete 24 Professional Development Units (PDU's) every 3 years.

What Type of License Update Training is Required

At least 4 hours is required to be related to National Electrical Code changes and 4 hours can be related to safety

What is the Renewal Date

September 30, 2023

Example of New Online Video With Voiceover for 2023 NEC Changes

Clickable NEC Sections and Tables