2020 Calculating Conductor Ampacities

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In selecting the proper size conductors and overcurrent protection devices for supplying power in a circuit from the source to the load, it is most important that the designer apply the appropriate rules of the National Electrical Code. Rules require the overcurrent protection device for conductors and equipment to be sized in such a manner as to open the circuit if current reaches a value that causes excessive or dangerous temperatures in conductors that could damage the insulation. Such overcurrent protection devices shall be selected, sized, and wired to protect both conductors and equipment, or a second stage of protection shall be provided. The ampacities of conductors can vary depending on their conditions of use, which are mainly based on the number of conductors and exposure to surrounding ambient temperatures.

Conductors that are routed a long distance between overcurrent devices and equipment may need to be increased in size to maintain ampacity ratings because of the possibility of voltage drop problems. Sometimes, conductors are upsized to compensate for terminal ratings.

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